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Political Action

What We Fight For

When Laborers use our collective power, we defend our jobs, our benefits, and our livelihoods. Together, we’re holding politicians accountable at every level of government to protect working families and keep our unions strong for years to come. 

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We Bring Wins Home Where It Matters

Stopping Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs

As building trades, we rally together to preserve the rights and standards that keep everyone safe. Together, we prevented the creation of “Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs” (IRAPs), which would’ve allowed private employers to shortcut training and safety requirements.

Investing in Infrastructure

We've successfully secured a $2 trillion infrastructure deal to repair and replace our crumbling roads, bridges, schools, and more. We will continue to fight for projects that create good, safe, union jobs and provide opportunities for all.

We Fight For

- Projects that support working families
- Industry-leading training for all workers
- Safe job sites across New England
- Basic, fair contractor standards
- Level playing field for union contractors

We Support Pro-Union Candidates

Now more than ever, we need to have strong representation. That’s why we always back the candidates who are committed to defending unions and supporting every worker and New Englander.

Stay Up to Date on the Fight

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