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Who We Are

The Massachusetts and Northern New England Laborers’ District Council and its 30 affiliated Local Unions are proud to serve and represent over 20,000 hard working men and women across the Northeast.

Members of the Council’s affiliated construction unions build the homes, offices, roads, bridges, tunnels, highways and energy infrastructure that our region depends on. At the same time, members of affiliated public sector unions keep municipal governments, housing authorities, hospitals, schools, and cafeterias running year-round.

Through ongoing communication and negotiations with nearly 1,000 signatory entities, the District Council strives to establish and maintain family-supporting wages along with quality health and retirement benefits. The District Council actively partners with employers, industry leaders, and government officials to advance workplace safety and training standards while fostering harmony and united action among all affiliated Local Unions.

Reach Out to the District Council

Want to learn more about the District Council and our workforce? Get in touch with us at the link below.